D·ENERGY is our "sensor" to read the energy consumption of your home. It is able to read the instantaneous consumption of the electrical system connected to the E-Distribution meter and transmit them via wireless to the associated DiCE SMART or DICE CARE device.

D Energy

D·ENERGY counts the flashes (“blinks”) made by the metrological LED installed on all the electricity meters. The higher the consumption inside the home is, the more frequently the metrological LED flashes . The chip reads the pulses and, through an algorithm, returns a power and energy value to the DiCE SMART or DICE CARE device it is connected to.

D·ENERGY is compatible only with DiCE SMART or DiCE CARE. The mobile app allows you to view consumption only if D·ENERGY is connected to DiCE SMART or DICE CARE. DiCE CARE does not provide information about consumption.