D·ENERGY is compatible with all energy meters equipped with a metrological LED, where the optical fiber of D·ENERGY can be placed, with a contractual power up to 45 KW.

If you don't know what the metrological LED is... click here.

When first pairing the device, DiCEhome app will ask you to enter the number of imps emitted by the elecrticity meter. Most of them are 1000 imp / Kwh. This value can be read on the plate data placed on each meter. It is possible to enter a value between 100 and 10000 imp / KWh


The correct operation of D·ENERGY is not guaranteed if there are third party systems  feeding energy into the electricity meter (eg photovoltaics). To know more, check  Using D ENERGY with production plants (egphotovoltaic).

The values entered during the configuration phase can be changed at any time after resetting the D · ENERGY device. For more info visit Change contractual power and meter sensitivity

We remind you that any irreversible modification to the e-distribuzione meter is to be considered illegal. The application of our D · ENERGY does not involve any changes as it can be removed at any time. The meter must remain intact under penalty of reporting by the competent authorities. DiCEworld s.r.l. take no responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect application of the equipment described above.