With DiCE SMART you will have the possibility to control a series of peripherals and receive information provided by the sensors connected to it.

For example DiCE SMART is compatible with "Zigbee" devices such as light bulbs, smart plugs, sensors for monitoring air quality, soil humidity sensors and many others.

It can also be connected to a D·ENERGY, which transmits the consumption measured by the electricity meter to DiCE SMART via radio frequency. So you will avoid waste and consume energy consciously.

 Zigbee devices compatible with DiCE SMARTD Energy is a Made in Italy design device that monitors electricity consumption

With DiCE SMART you will be able to control the lighting of your home or the appliances you use most frequently with a simple gesture of the hand.

For the complete list of supported devices click here.

For more details on DiCE SMART connectivity click here.