Connectivity device to device DiCE SMART:

  • RF 868

The RF 868 connectivity is provided for point-to-point connection with D·ENERGY, its  frequency band is 868 MHz and it is suitable for applications with low bitrate where it is necessary to cover long distances or overcome architectural barriers while keeping consumption low.

  • Zigbee

The Zigbee protocol allows the integration of various third-party sensors / actuators. Its frequency is 2.4 GHz and allows the creation of mesh networks between devices. DiCE SMART supports the Zigbee 3.0 standard. All clusters are active.

Device to cloud DiCE SMART connectivity:

  • Wifi

DiCE SMART will be able to connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi to exchange upload and download data.

Wi-Fi allows a permanent connection to the internet through your home network.

Permanent internet connection is essential for the control of connected devices as there is no local "smartphone to device" connection and it is necessary, for example, to record the power and energy data from the associated D ENERGY and the subsequent publication of these data in the app.