When first powered on, DiCE SMART will search for available Wi-Fi networks. Through the DiCEhome app (downloadable from your app store), DiCE SMART must be connected to a Wi-Fi network that has internet access. This will allow you to download the necessary Firmware updates and remotely control the connected devices.

DiCE SMART will continue to operate even without an internet connection only for measuring consumption (only if associated with a D·ENERGY) and gesture-controlled functions. You will not be able to use connected ZigBee devices.

If during use DiCE SMART should lose the connection to the cloud (lack of internet connection), this will be shown by a pink pulse.

Visit the dedicated support page to learn more about all the colors used by DiCE SMART.

Download the DiCEhome app by accessing the Apple or Google Play stores or scan the following QR code:

Download the app DiCEhome for DiCE SMART

DiCE SMART will be able to connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi to exchange upload and download data.

Wi-Fi allows a permanent connection to the internet through your home network.

Permanent internet connection is essential for the control of connected devices as there is no local "smartphone to device" connection and it is necessary, for example, for recording the power and energy data from the associated D·ENERGY and the subsequent publication of the following data in the app.