In the article What are the functions of DiCE SMART? we talked about some "additional functions", we can activate by connecting DiCE SMART to a specific sensor/service. When we place DiCE SMART on this function, it will variate its colors, intensity and light effects depending on the value measured by the sensors it is connected to.

Each connected sensor is assigned a color (or a color scale). If the color varies, we will always know at a glance there has been a change in the measured parameter.

In the example of the sensor for electricity consumption (D · ENERGY) the green color indicates low consumption. The more you move to warm colors, the more consumption is increasing. When, for example, the electric oven is on and the washing machine is running, consumption could be high enough to generate an alarm. DICE SMART will start flashing red just to signal an event we should pay attention to.

The color scale below is an example of the colors available for a 3 kW contract meter. For contracts with higher powers, the chromatic scale adapts automatically.

When D · ENERGY is added for the first time, you will be asked to enter the sensitivity of the meter (imp / kWh) and the contractual power (kW). Click here for more details.

It is possible to modify the data entered at any time by following the procedure described in this article.

Energy (electricity consumption monitoring): 

0-100 Watt700 Watt1300 Watt1900 Watt2600 Watt2900-3300 Watt

The same principle of color variation applies to air quality monitoring.

Air Quality (air quality monitoring):

No good
Very bad

The variables that can be measured by the Air Quality sensor are: temperature, humidity, VOC.

Wi-Fi connection/  Firmware updating

Lack of connection  /ongoing update

*** FUNCTION UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Another category is represented by environmental safety sensors, which do not carry out a measurement but only detect an alarm; they will be categorized by other colors of the RGB color scale. FUNCTION UNDER DEVELOPMENT ***

All the above mentioned colors can be devided into 4 categories:

  • Fixed color: everithing is fine, DiCE SMART is indicating the value measured at that moment by the sensor belonging to the color family shown.
  • Flashing color: DiCE SMART flashes (the light goes directly from 0% intensity to 100%  - tourning on and off). This is a WARNING signal; this means that the paramenter belonging to the color shown has reached the maximum possible value. Our action is required.
  • Light trail: DiCE SMART will perform a rotating light trail when the WARNING threshold of the monitored parameter is exceeded. The color will always be that belonging to the related category or sensor. In addition, the rotating light trail will be shown when DiCE SMART is looking for a Wi-Fi network to connect to.
  • Pulsating color: the light intensity passes gradually from 0% to 100% and back. DiCE SMART is indicating that it has lost the connection with the sensor or device indicated by the color shown (example: yellow pulsing color> no connection with D · ENERGY. Pink pulsing color> no internet connection)

IMPORTANT: any warning sign from a sensor has priority over any function displayed on DiCE SMART. Each warning sign lasts for 60sec. If DiCE SMART is connected to the Internet, the warning message will also be notified on the mobile app.

It is possible to stop the flashing of each alarm using the VOLTA gesture. DiCE SMART will remain on the alarm color but will stop flashing.