One of the innovative features of DiCE SMART is the control of the device through a "gesture". It is possible to change function or perform scenarios with the simple passage of the hand a few centimeters from the surface.

Below is the list of movements recognized by DiCE SMART.

DiCE SMART recognizes the passage of the hand a few cm from the surface following its midline. Recognition of the gesture is both ways.

Used to browse the different functions enabled on the device.
DICE SMART creates the perfect atmosphere
DICE SMART controls consumptions

Circular movement of the hand clockwise and counterclockwise at about half the height of the device. When the minimum or maximum adjustment threshold is reached, DiCE SMART will emit an acoustic signal.

Used to increase (clockwise) or decrease (counterclockwise) the brightness of the DiCE SMART.

To ensure optimal recognition of the gesture, it is advisable to enter the field of DiCE Light from above.

VOLO (1)

Recognition of the positioning of the hand placed over the device from 1 to 10 cm from the cap. When the hand touches the cap, it is possible to "go down" inside by closing the fingers on the cap up to about 4 cm below the "tip".

Used for the choice of colors in the functions that allow it.

VOLO (2)

Recognition of the hand stopped above the device in the range between 0 and 10 cm for a period of 2 seconds.

Used to lock / unlock the color selected in the functions that allow it.

POSA (tap)

One touch detection on the device.

Used to send the color / intensity selection to the connected bulbs (Aurora Plus function).

POSA (double tap)

Double-tap detection on the device.

Used to run a preset scenario in the DiCEhome app.


Hand detection on the surface.

Used to switch on/off DiCE in the ATMOSFERA function and catch the light in the "GAME" function.