Through this function you can choose a color and a light intensity to create the right "atmosphere" for any occasion.

When activating "Atmosfera" mode, an "intro" will be reproduced, consisting in a 2 - seconds luminous choreography signalling you have accessed this function. Once the intro is completed, DiCE SMART will return to the last brightness level and the last color

selected by the user. If no color has been set previously, the color shown will be white.

1. To select a color, use the "VOLO" gesture. gesture allows you to select colors. DiCE SMART will flash and emit an acoustic signal to inform the user that the command has been successfully passed.

2. After enabling the color selection though the "VOLO" gesture, you can select the color by raising and lowering your hand to scroll through all the available colors.

Once the selection of colors has been enabled through the "VOLO" gesture, if, after 10 seconds, the user does not choose any color, DiCE SMART remains set on the previously set color.

3. Once you have chosen the desired color, you can select it by keeping your hand still for at least 2 seconds. The user is informed of the command which occurred successfully by flashing the DiCE SMART with the selected color and an acoustic signal.


4. Using the "ORBITA" gesture it is possible to select the light intensity, with anticlockwise rotations it lowers to the minimum visible brightness (20% of the intensity) and with clockwise rotations it rises to the maximum level. When the minimum and maximum intensity levels are reached, an acoustic signal will be emitted.

5.  While using this function, it is possible to swith on/off the device whenever it's needed, by laying both hands on it (VOLTA).

Atmosfera - Active gesture