Through this function it is possible to control one or a group of compatible Zigbee bulbs using DiCE SMART. In this mode, the user can set the color and intensity on the DiCE SMART via gesture, and subsequently transfer the chosen setting to the bulbs simply touching the device.

If no compatible bulb is associated, the function is available in the same way only on the DiCE SMART device for choosing the color.

N.B. The Aurora Plus function must be activated via DiCEhome app. This is not an additional scenario, but adds functions to the "Atmosfera" scenario, already installed among the default scenarios; all the available gestures are enabled to the latter (see table at the bottom).

Once the RGB bulbs are associated via DiCEhome app following the guided procedure, DiCE SMART must be set on the "Atmosfera" function. The corresponding "intro" will be displayed.

1. If the VOLO gesture is detected in this menu, the colors will "unlock" and you will be given the possibility to choose a color using the distance of the hand from the device.

2. Once you have chosen the desired color, you can lock it by keeping your hand still for at least 2 seconds. If the process is successful, DiCE SMART will flash with the selected color and emit an acoustic signal (if enabled).

3. Using the "ORBITA" gesture, you can select the light intensity: through anticlockwise rotations it decreases to the minimum visible brightness (20% of intensity) and with clockwise rotations it rises to the maximum level. An acoustic signal will be emitted when the minimum and maximum intensity levels are reached.

4. If the procedure is performed correctly, after setting the color and its intensity, the user can pass the setting to the associated bulb (or group of bulbs) using "POSA (tap)" within 10 seconds.


If, during the color selection procedure, no gesture is performed for 10 seconds, the procedure will end automatically without performing any action and DiCE SMART will go back to "Aurora Plus" (initial status).

Atmosfera - Active Gestures