By activating the "Goodnight Mode" it is possible to adjust the light intensity of DiCE SMART during a preferred time period, to decrease the glow in the rest rooms.

The function can be activated via the DiCEhome app. It is possible to choose a personalized time slot that will be repeated every day, when the DiCE SMART brightness will automatically switch to the desired value (min 0% - max 50%)

If the "Goodnight" function is active, you can further adjust the brightness of DiCE SMART via the "ORBIT" gesture. It is also possible to choose a color that will remain set every time the "Goodnight" is repeated.

The gestures for choosing color and intensity are the same as those used in the "Atmosphere" function.

If activated, an acoustic signal will warn us when the minimum and maximum brightness threshold is reached.

DiCE SMART will automatically adjust its brightness every day when you enter and exit the set time period.

Goodnight - Active gestures

To make changes to the "Buonanotte" settings, you must first deactivate the function using the appropriate "DISABLING" button. Then proceed to reactivate with the new settings.


Il sistema DiCE è un Hub iOT Made in Italy per monitorare consumi e controllare i dispositivi smart