DiCE LIGHT is a lamp produced by DiCEworld, 100% Made in Italy and designed by the architect Marco Acerbis.

Controllable by simple hand gestures, DiCE LIGHT allows you to choose the color to illuminate your rooms.


  • Connect the power cable to the device and to the power supply;
  • Connect the power supply to the power outlet;

In order to not interfere with the integrated gesture module, it is recommended to leave a free area around DiCE LIGHT of about 10 cm per side.

When you turn on your DiCE LIGHT for the first time, leave it in charge for a few hours in order to correctly charge the backup battery which will intervene in case of power shortage.

Click here for the DiCE LIGHT installation tutorial video.

4 operating modes are available, each one for a different occasion:

  • Aurora: DiCE LIGHT lights up creating an aurora borealis effect

Aurora: Available gestures

  • Atmosphere: DiCE LIGHT creates a light scene with the selected color.

Atmosphere: Available gestures

For more information visit the "Atmosphere - details" support page.

  • Rainbow: DiCE LIGHT creates a light scene by fading from one color to another.

Rainbow: Available gestures

  • Emergency lamp:

If DiCE LIGHT does not detect power from the USB input, for example due to a blackout, it lights up in white. The built-in battery autonomy is approximately 20 minutes. You can turn it off and on again at any time with the "Hold double hand" gesture.

When the power supply is restored, it may take a few seconds before all DiCE LIGHT functions are reactivated.

Emergency lamp: available gestures 

For more details on how gestures work, visit the dedicated section or click here.

For technical details, you can download  the user manual from this page.