D·ENERGY is the device that reads the impulses generated by the electricity meter,  transmitting them via radio frequency to the associated DiCE SMART device.

To receive the data transmitted by D·ENERGY, DiCE SMART/DiCE CARE 
 must be within its operating range. Too high distances or architectural barriers will limit the signal range. For more information visit the dedicated section.

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure you have a suitable electricity meter. Visit the dedicated troubleshooting article.

Third party systems feeding energy into the grid (eg photovoltaics) will affect the efficency of the device.

To facilitate the installation of D·ENERGY, it is recommended to switch on an appliance that increases consumption, so that the flashing frequency of the LED on the electricity meter is high enough. For more information click here.

Only one D·ENERGY can be associated with a DiCE SMART./DiCE CARE 

For correct installation, proceed as follows:

During installation, live parts must not be touched.

STEP 1: Pairing with DiCE SMART

If you wish to know more about the procedure of pairing with DiCE CARE, check the following link: How to install D ENERGY (required for DiCE CARE to work properly)

  • Open the cover of the D·ENERGY by unscrewing it anticlockwise

  • Insert the two "AA" batteries included in the package in the battery holder in accordance with the polarity.

When installed for the first time, D·ENERGY will emit a long blink (about 1 sec) followed by 3 fast blinks. The 3 quick blinks indicate that the device has not been associated with any DiCE SMART. When already associated, for example after changing batteries, the D·ENERGY will emit only the long blink (about 1 sec). 

  • Connect D·ENERGY to DiCE SMART using the DiCEhomeapp and follow the desplaied procedure. Once the procedure has been carried out via the app, wait for the connection between DiCE SMART and D·ENERGY to be confirmed.

NOTE: during the guided procedure, the DiCEhome app will ask you to enter the "meter sensitivity" expressed in pulses/kWh and the "contractual power" expressed in Watts. These values can be read respectively on the plate of the meter and on the electricity bill. Click here for more details.

If, once the process has been completed, you need to modify the data entered, it is necessary to reset the D·ENERGY and proceed with a new installation. You can find more details on this page.

  • To start the pairing phase, keep pressed the button inside the D·ENERGY for 5 seconds. Upon release, the signaling LED will flash until the association is completed.

  • During the pairing procedure, DiCE SMART will perform the yellow blinks/ flashes ("Consumption" color family).
  • Once the connection is established, the DiCE SMART will emit a steady yellow light ("Consumption" color family). After 1 minute, D·ENERGY  will be sending the power values represented on DiCE SMART in accordance with the related chromatic scale (visit the dedicated support page to learn more about the colors of DiCE SMART).

Consumption (electricity consumption monitoring):

  • In case of loss of communication between the two devices, DiCE SMART will return to slowly flashing with a yellow light (signal provided to the user when DiCE SMART is on the consumption mode).

STEP 2: Installation on the electicity meter

  • Place the Velcro included in the package on the back of D·ENERGY.

  • Firmly place D·ENERGY on the electricity meter. 

  • Apply the double-sided tape on the optical fiber support and place it on the upper led of the electricity meter. Check whether it has been correctly installed by monitorning the blinks on D·ENERGY, which should be in unison with the blinks of the electicity meter (while being istalled for the first time, it will emit 20 blinks).

Be sure to place the optical fiber on the upper LED, usually marked with the letters "RA". If the optical fiber is not correctly positioned, the blinks will not be read, therefore D·ENERGY will not work properly.

  • If the blinks are correctly read , close the D·ENERGY cover with a slight clockwise rotation.


If D·ENERGY stops blinking  in unison with the electricity meter before the optical fiber has been placed, it is necessary to remove and replace the batteries to restart the device (it is necessary to press the button for 2 seconds AFTER removing the batteries). This operation will NOT affect the pairing of D·ENERGY with DiCE SMART.

We remind you that any irreversible modification to the e-distribuzione meter is to be considered illegal. The application of our D · ENERGY does not involve any changes as it can be removed at any time. The meter must remain intact under penalty of reporting by the competent authorities. DiCEworld s.r.l. takes no responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect application of the above described equipment.