The estimated battery life is up to one year. This estimate was based on 16 transmissions per hour to DiCE SMART, which equals to the transmissions that would occur in an "all day lived" house.

D·ENERGY is able to self-adapt and increase the transmission power in case of long distances or barriers that hinder the signal transmission. An increase in signal transmission power affects battery life.

Battery life can vary based on many factors. Under normal conditions, the batteries have a lifespan of approximately 2 years. The duration, however, may decrease if one or more of the following occur:

  1. Greater distance between D·ENERGY and DiCE SMART: battery life decreases as the distance to which it must transmit increases, as more power will be required to reach the destination.
  2. Continuous variations in consumption: if the consumptions detected by D·ENERGY vary very often, the device will have to send a greater number of data, reducing the battery life. On the contrary, if consumption is constant, D·ENERGY will carry out fewer transmissions.
  3. Low temperatures: Cold temperatures could adversely affect battery life. However, during our tests we did not find significant variations even with constant temperatures below + 5 C°.