The communication between D·ENERGY and DiCE SMART takes place via 868 MHz radio frequency. These frequencies are able to pass through walls and obstacles in general, but if the distance between transmitter and receiver is too high, the signal attenuates too much until it is no longer recognized by the receiver.

For information on how D·ENERGY works, visit the dedicated support section.

To remedy the lack of radio communication it is necessary to move the receiver closer to the transmitter.

In this case, the trasmitter of our system is D·ENERGY, applied to the energy meter. Being phisically connected to the electricity meter, therefore, it is not possible to move it. For this reason, it will be necessary to act directly on DiCE SMART.

Then try a different location, trying as much as possible to bring it closer to the signal source (D·ENERGY).

Often, moving it from one room to another in your home is enough to "exclude" some vertical walls from the signal path. Since the signal always moves in a straight line between the transmitter and the receiver, the number of  obstacles to be overcome must be reduced. If possible, they should only be horizontal walls (floor / ceiling).

For more details visit the support section dedicated to D·ENERGY.

D Energy communicates with DiCE Smart to monitor electricity consumption

If the distance is not too high, but connectivity problems persist, try the following options:

Diceworld helpdesk
  • Turn off other nearby wireless devices.
  • Unplug DiCE SMART for 30 seconds and turn it back on.
  • Perform a D·ENERGY reset by pressing the reset button 7 times, then re-pair the device from DiCEhome app.
  • If the problem persists, contact support.