D·ENERGY recognizes the blinks of the metrological LED located in the upper left corner of the electicity meter display.

The metrological LED shows the electricity consumptionD Energy is installed on the metrological LED meters and sends the information to DiCE Smart

When D·ENERGY detects no blink for 20 minutes, it generates an warning signal and the associated DiCE SMART starts to blink yellow, indicating a "connection failure".

In case of issues while reading the blinks, and to perform a correct installation, check the following:

  • The plastic support must be correctly applied to allow D·ENERGY to read the flashes of the metrological LED.
  • Apply the preformed double-sided tape to the plastic support.
  • Remove the double sided tape backing paper.
  • Place the support alligning the glass  with the upper LED on the left side of the electricity meter display.  Be careful not to stick the support to the display.
  • If the LED positioned on the body of the D·ENERGY flashes in sync with that of the electricity meter, rest the support on the glass and ensure it is fixed. The LED must continue to blink in unison with the electricity meter flashes. After 20 flashes, the D·ENERGY LED will stop flashing. To restart the flashes it is necessary to remove the batteries, press the physical button for 2 seconds, then re-intall them.