DiCE LIGHT can be controlled with simple hand movements, even without being touched. This is possible thanks to a sensor that detects changes in the surrounding electromagnetic field. Our body, especially the hands, modify this electromagnetic field in a well-defined way based on how we move in space.  

DiCE SMART, though, could perceive movements generated, for example, by other electrical or electronic equipment placed nearby, thus the sensor inside it might go haywire.

We therefore recommend to leave at least 10 cm of free space around each side of DiCE SMART.

The problems with gestures are often caused by improper hand movements.

A useful tip is to ALWAYS move your hand away when a gesture has been made, before proceeding with the next one. Remaining in the field of action of the electromagnetic sensor could generate errors in the interpretation of gestures.

Visit the dedicated page to find out how to make gestures correctly.

For a correct use, it is necessary to perform the gestures with precision, using natural movements and waiting for the microcontroller to process the signal and terminate the requested action.

In case of problems with the use of gestures, or unexpected behavior of DiCE LIGHT, try the following:

  • Unplug DiCE LIGHT for 10 seconds then reconnect it.
  • Try connecting DiCE LIGHT to a different power outlet.
  • Connect DiCE LIGHT to a different power supply using, for example, the smartphone charger.
  • Move or turn off other nearby electrical or electronic devices.
  • If the problems still persist, do not hesitate to contact us.