At the first start DiCE SMART can be connected to your Wi-Fi network, then all the functions enabled by default on the device will appear. In addition to those within the menu (factory set) there are external functions that are added dynamically based on the associated devices or set scenarios.

  • "Aurora"

It is the starting position. This function is always available.

Aurora - Available gestures
  • "Atmosphere"

In this function you can choose a color and a light intensity to create the right "atmosphere" for any occasion.

Through gesture you can set the desired color and adjust its light intensity. 

If there is at least one compatible RGB bulb associated with DiCE SMART, it can be controlled using gestures. In this mode, the user can set the color and intensity on the DiCE SMART via gesture, and then transfer the chosen setting to the Zigbee bulbs using a tap on the device.

Atmosphere - Available gestures

For more information about the "atmosphere" mode, visit the dedicated support page or click here.


DiCE SMART offers the possibility to expand its functions by associating sensors or activating new features through the DiCEhome app. New features will be added through future firmware updates.

All additional functions can be disabled / enabled by app as desired. The following are those currently available:

  • "Energy" and "Air Quality"

If the user adds a D·ENERGY or air quality sensor to DiCE SMART, the corresponding function is added, which can be browsed in addition to those already present by default;

Energy: variable color from green to red.

Air Quality: variable color from light blue to blue.

For more info visit this page

DiCE SMART is an intuitive Made in Italy iOT Hub that controls consumption and manages smart devices

Energy / Air quality - Available gestures

  • "Game"

If the user activates the "Game" function, the possibility of playing with DiCE SMART is added. In this function the color changes randomly with increasing speed; the user must try to capture the red light by touching the device.

Fun - Available gestures

For more information about the "Game" mode, visit the dedicated support page or click here.

Function added via mobile app: in case of metric devices (real or virtual services), these will be represented by a chromatic scale by color; you can act on the light intensity of the DiCE SMART using the ORBIT gesture up to a minimum value of 50% and a maximum value of 100%. In the event of an alarm deriving from a sensor, DiCE SMART will begin to flash in the color of the family associated with the device with a maximum intensity of 100%. The colors of the product families are represented in the app.

IMPORTANT: each alarm deriving from a sensor has priority over any function displayed on the DiCE SMART. The duration of the alarm is equal to 60sec. If the DiCE SMART is connected to the Internet, the alarm will also be notified on the mobile app.