• Do not connect the external power supply to other different devices;
  • Do not make connections with wet hands;
  • Make sure before use that the cables are not damaged;
  • Avoid running cables through areas where it can be crushed or damaged;
  • In case of malfunction, do not open the devices. Contact the manufacturer and disconnect the power supply from the electrical outlet;
  • Install the device in systems compliant with current standards;
  • All DiCE SMART are equipped with integrated and non-replaceable LEDs;
  • In case of LED malfunction do not open the device and contact Customer Service;
  • Use only the power supplies supplied and in case of malfunction contact Customer Service.

Use and maintenance of devices

  • Keep devices away from heat sources (for example from radiators or stoves);
  • Do not place the devices on inclined or unstable surfaces;
  • Do not place the devices on vibrating surfaces (for example on top of a washing machine);
  • Do not expose the devices to corrosive materials, water, steam, and do not keep them in humid places;
  • Do not expose the devices to the risk of impact or shock;
  • Under any circumstances, do not touch exposed electrical circuits. Contact could cause an electric shock;
  • The use for educational and / or creative purposes must be under the supervision of an adult.
  • Before proceeding with cleaning operations, disconnect the device from the power outlet. To clean the outside of the product, use a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of solvents and chemicals, they can compromise the quality of the components.