If any problem occurs with the D·ENERGY consumption reader, it is possible to find out the reason by following the below described procedure.

In case of problems related to D·ENERGY, you will receive an app notification on your  DiCEhome app, and DiCE SMART will blink with a yellow light, the color associated with the "energy" function.

What do the color of DiCE SMART mean?

Yellow is the DiCE Smart color family that indicates electricity consumption

Notification "D·ENERGY is not working properly"

DiCE SMART will blink with a yellow light

Follow these steps:

  • Has D·ENERGY been paired via DiCEhome app?

Add  a D·ENERGY  device

  • Has D·ENERGY been correctly placed on the electricity meter?

How to install D·ENERGY

  • Turn on an appliance (e.g. electric oven, induction hob, etc.) and check the distributor's electricity meter.
  • Is the electricity meter metrological LED flashing at least once per second?

What is the metrological LED?

  • Remove one battery, press the button for 2 seconds and reconnect the battery to restart D·ENERGY.
  • Is the D·ENERGY LED correctly replicating the metrological LED blinks?

How to install D·ENERGY  on the electrical meter

  • Check that the plastic support holding the D·ENERGY optical fiber is correctly positioned. Problems while reading the "blink".

In case of problems, D·ENERGY can be unpaired from the connected DiCE SMART by pressing the button on the D·ENERGY body 7 times in a row.