DiCE SMART is able to control the lighting in your home, simply by replacing traditional light bulbs with "smart" light bulbs equipped with Zigbee technology.

These smart bulbs, available in multicolor and white, with the most common E27 and E14 sockets, allow you to use classic chandeliers wirelessly, even when you are not at home.

You can use the DiCEhome app to control your home remotely or adjust the color and intensity of the lamps through the innovative DiCE SMART system, choosing with a simple gesture a warm white light to create an atmosphere, or one of the 16 million colors to embellish your rooms.


To be used with DiCE SMART, each Zigbee bulb must be associated with it by performing the "join" procedure on first use.

Refer to the bulb manufacturer's manual to find out how to activate join mode on the bulb.

The join procedure must be carried out keeping the Zigbee device close to the DiCE SMART.

To pair the bulb with DiCE SMART proceed as follows:

  • Open the DiCEhome app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the "+" symbol at the top right corner and then on "add device".
  • Select the "Energy" category to add Bulbs, Smart plugs and D·ENERGY.
  • Select "RGB Lamp" and give a name to the bulb you want to associate.
  • Choose the house and room where the light bulb will be placed or create a new one.
  • Set the bulb on the pairing mode.

Innr bulb is already in pairing mode when it's switched on for the first time. This status is indicated by a sequence of colors in RGB bulbs, and by a double flashing light in white bulbs. To reset the bulb and put it back in pairing mode, it is necessary to turn it off and on for 6 times at 0.5 -seconds intervals.

For more information and technical specifications, visit the manufacturer's website.

To download the user manual for the Innr RGB light bulb click here.