needs to have some essential information about the meter it will be installed on, in order to provide an accurate consumption reading.

During the installation procedure (described here in detail) the DiCEhome app will ask you to enter two values. By default, values are already entered which adapt in most cases to a normal domestic user.

In any case, we always invite you to verify that these values are correct.

  • The "meter sensitivity" can be read on the nameplate data of your meter. Here you can find more information.
  • The "available power" might be indicated in the electricity bill. If it is not, check with your electricity provider.

How to change the set up values:

If you wish to change to the values you entered before,  to reou need to reset the D·ENERGY and proceed with a new installation. It is not possible to change the data once the installation is complete.

To reset the D·ENERGY proceed as follows:

  • Open the DiCEhome app;
  • From the "rooms" section, open the room containing the D·ENERGY device;
  • Press and hold the corresponding icon;
  • From the icon with three points, at the top right corner, select "Remove device";
  • Remove the D·ENERGY from the meter and open the plastic cover;
  • Press the reset button 7 times in a row. At the end of the procedure, D·ENERGY will emit a prolonged flash plus 3 rapid flashes;
  • D·ENERGY is ready for a new installation (follow the procedure described here).

If D · ENERGY is paired with DiCE CARE, follow the device removal procedure described in the DiCEcare app.