By using to the "DiCEhome" skill, you can control all the devices connected to the DiCE SMART directly with your voice thanks to Amazon ALEXA.

In order to use this skill, you must have installed the DiCE SMART with at least one compatible device (D ENERGY, air quality sensor, light bulbs or smart plugs). The devices must be correctly configured using the DiCEhome application available on the Android and iOS stores.

Account association:

  • Before using Amazon Alexa to control and receive information from the connected devices, you must associate the  account you previously created thorugh the DiCEhome application.
  • Now access the skills and click on the "Activate" button.
  • A link page will appear. Enter the username and password used for the DiCEhome application. You will be redirected to the confirmation page.
  • Accept the list of accesses required for the skill to function properly.
  • End the association of the account.

Voice interaction with sensors:

To allow Alexa to access the DiCE SMART platform, the Skill must be activated:

"Alexa, turn on DiCE SMART"

"Welcome to DiCE SMART, what can I do for you?"

Now you can query the sensors, for example:

  • D · ENERGY

"What is the last power level detected by the <device name>?"

"What is the consumption level detected yesterday by <device name>?

"What is the maximum consumption peak recorded this month by <device name>?"


"What is the temperature detected by <device name>?"

"What is the humidity level detected by <device name>?"

"How good is the air quality detected by <device name>?"

"What is the minimum temperature measured by <device name> today?"

Voice interaction with devices:

Control devices directly, for example:


"Alexa, turn on <device name>"

"Alexa, turn off <device name>"


"Alexa, turn on <device name>"

"Alexa, turn off <device name>"

"Alexa, set <device name> brightness to fifty percent"

"Alexa, set <device name> to red"

To facilitate voice interaction, we recommend you to name the devices using simple and easy to recognize names.

An Amazon Echo hub or device with integrated Alexa is required to use DiCE SMART with Amazon Alexa. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone by downloading the Amazon Alexa app from the app store.