DiCE CARE is a 100% Made in Italy device, produced by Diceworld s.r.l. It can monitor the domestic activities at home, to take care of the people who live there.

Just place the DiCE CARE at home and connect it to the home internet network. Install the energy activity reader (D ENERGY) on the electricity meter to get a lot of useful information such as:

  • Keeping home activity monitored: wake up time in the morning, lunch time, or sleeping time (when the whole family goes to sleep), without violating the privacy of its inhabitants.
  • Report anomalies with respect to the normal course of daily life: sudden changes in the usual wake-up or sleep times, unusual activities at home at a given set time.
  • Generate pre-set sound alarms. Furthermore, by activating the single tap, the system notifies that the alarm has been turned off. With this function, for example, you can set reminders for medicines and receive a remote notification if they are not taken.
  • Improve the system by adding  zigbee sensors, such as motion detectors and door / window opening decetors to monitor if there are movements in certain areas of the house, or if an entrance / exit is crossed.

DiCE CARE works only if associated to with the D · ENERGY, a sensor that reads the electricity consumption (already included in the package). For all information relating to the operation of D · ENERGY, please refer to the dedicated section on the website.click here.

DiCE CARE acts as the hub of your IoT control system. The system, equipped with an electricity consumption reader that will be installed on the energy meter, will transmit the information to the cloud thanks to Wi-Fi technology. The data will be therefore available in the app, showed as activity monitoring.