DiCE CARE is a silent assistant, monitoring our home with discretion. DiCE CARE learns our habits without watching us nor listening to us.

If it needs to communicate with us, however, he is able to do it in several ways.

The main interface is always the smartphone application. It is essential for all initial configurations, setting reminders, consulting data and statistics.

It is also possible to physically interact with DiCE CARE. In fact, it is possible to perform some actions simply by touching the device ("single tap") or by touching it twice in succession ("double tap").

DiCE CARE, in turn, communicates with the user through an acoustic signal. Different signals correspond to specific warnings.

  • "Single tap"

 This function is activated only after a pre-set audible alarm. The gesture allows you to block the acoustic signal and, at the same time, to send a push notification to the app, to confirm that the action has been performed. If no action is taken, the acoustic signal will stop after 5 minutes and DiCE CARE will send a push notification to the app, indicating what has not been done.

  • "Double tap"

This function is activated though the app. By double tappin DiCE CARE, it will send a personalized push notification (e.g. I'm going out).

  • The buzzer (acoustic signal) is the only physical user interface available on DiCE CARE.

It is used for:

• indicate the stages of enrollment.

• Indicate power on and restart.

• Report reminders that can be activated through the app.