DiCE CARE represents the "brain" of your monitoring system. It analyzes the data received from the sensors connected to it and sends messages to the selected user (or users) to report all detected activities (alarms, energy monitoring, presence, home activities ).

The main user interface of the system is the smartphone app. It can be used to set scenarios and alarms, consult the data detected by the sensors and much more.

All the programmed actions are stored directly on the DiCE CARE. As a consecuence, everything can be monitored with no delays, and it's possible to keep some functions active even if the system is offline (eg medicine reminders).

To better understand the high potencial of DiCE CARE, we give some examples:

  • I want to keep an eye on my parents' house, as I do not live with them. I want to understand what time in the morning their activities start, and what time in the evening they end, because everyone is sleeping.

DiCE CARE is able to send me a notification when the household activities begin or end; moreover, having an activity history, it is able to tell me if something is significantly varying with respect to these habits (for example anomalous activities at night, or postponed morning alarms).

Privacy is much more respected compared to a camera or other type of monitoring systems.

  • I want to understand if there is some domestic activity when I'm not at home.

DiCE CARE can be asked ro report, in real time, any unusual activities within specific time bands. Using  different kind of sensors, the information will always be timely and realistic.