The DiCEhome app on first access requires you to create a HOME in which to place your DiCE SMART. Each HOME (with a variable number of rooms) can host only one DiCE SMART.
However, you can create a new HOME, always accessible from the same account as the previous one, and add the new DiCE SMART here, even if it is physically located in the same building as the first. The two systems can therefore coexist without problems.

If you have two or more DiCE SMARTs, you must be careful to make the first association at different times. In other words, you can proceed with a new enrollment (first start) only once the first enrollment has been completed correctly.

To create a new home, simply press the "+" symbol located at the top right of the DiCEhome app home page. Then choose a name for the new HOME, a description (optional) and save.

It will be possible to access the second home from the menu by selecting "Change home".