Is it possible to install D · ENERGY if I am using an electricity production system such as photovoltaics?

To give an exhaustive answer, it is first necessary to understand how the system was designed.

Except in special cases, the photovoltaic systems are equipped with two meters.

The first one, the so-called "exchange" (technically marked by the initiamark "M1") is the main meter, which counts the energy withdrawn from the grid when the energy demand is higher than the energy the sun is trasforming in that precise moment, and the energy fed into the grid, therefore "sold" because it is in excess of the energy needs of the house.

Although this meter can distinguish the two types of energy that pass through it, this distinction is shown only in the display info, to be read and for sen remtotely to the energy supplier.

The second meter 

 is the production one (technically called "M2"). Since this is connected at the beginning of the grid, it will only count the energy produced.

Since our D · ENERGY uses the metrological LED of the M1 meter to measure consumption, it is not able to distinguish between energy input and withdrawn as the LED flashes INDISTINCTLY with respect to the direction of the electricity  passing through it.

D · ENERGY, therefore, is not suitable for installation on users with a photovoltaic system as the user will not be able to distinguish a consumption peak from a high production.

Taking an example of the operation of D · ENERGY combined with DiCE SMART and considering two extremes, DiCE SMART will signal the same color (e.g. red) both with production 0 and high consumption, and with high production and consumption 0.

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