DiCE CARE is designed to make life easier for the whole family. The set-up is simplified thanks to the intuitive interface of the app. Each setting is guided; when you start it for the first time, you will be asked to list the household appliances or electronic devices that are used in the house you are going to monitor. Everything else will be done by DiCE CARE's artificial intelligence.

When you first start the DiCEcare app, after registering your account and creating a house, you will need to connect the two devices in the package: DiCE and D · ENERGY. The app includes a step-by-step guided procedure to connect both devices.

  1. Connect DiCE CARE to the power supply (USB-C and power supply are included in the package). Press "connect now" and continue until the end of the wizard. At step 4, you will be asked to scan the QR code printed on the label on the bottom of the product.  You can use the smartphone camera (make sure to grant the required permissions). Alternatively, you can manually enter the 13-digit serial code starting with "010-". At the end of the association procedure, if it is successful, you will hear a prolonged beep. If the procedure is not successful, you will hear three acoustic signals.
  2. Repeat the operation for the D · ENERGY. Once again, it will be necessary to scan the product code, located inside the cover of D · ENERGY. After pairing the devices, it will be necessary to install D · ENERGY on the electricity meter. How to install D ENERGY (mandatory in order for DiCE CARE to work properly)

Once the pairing operations have been completed, it will need to complete the settings related to the DiCEcare app. Among these, you will be asked to enter:

  • WAKE UP TIME and SLEEP TIME: to carry out a correct monitoring, it will be necessary to communicate the approximate time when the assisted person usually wakes up and goes to sleep.
  • LUNCH and DINNER times: note that you can also notify DiCE CARE if the person is not going to have lunch (or dinner) at home. By doing so, alerts will not be generated if no activity is detected at the indicated time.
  • WALKING TIME: whether sedentary or keen walker, the DiCEcare app will always be able to communicate any changes in the routine of our relative. By setting days and times when he/she is usually away from home, you avoid unnecessary worries.
  • Finally, DiCE CARE will ask you to choose which electrical and electronic equipment are generally used at  home. This allows DiCE CARE to know what minimum consumption threshold to expect, and will calculate the "target" ranges accordingly. You will be given a list, and will select, for example, WASHING MACHINE and ELECTRIC OVEN if these appliances are used. If there are a  TV and FRIDGE, you will select them as well. Once the list is filled, DiCE CARE is ready to monitor the activities.

At the end, a recap of your settings will be shown. You will be given the possibility of changing the times and activating / deactivating the notifications in case of significant variation.