DiCE SMART takes your smart home to a new level. Technology blends with Made in Italy design, making your home smart without sacrificing taste for aesthetics. The Italian architect Marco Acerbis (who designed and followed the production phases of the product) defines DiCE SMART as "a combination of design, technology and ethics".

DiCE SMART is a technological "Iot home design" hub, which informs, in real time, about the data collected, in order to stimulate a more virtuous use of household systems.

Thanks to the communication protocols adopted and the artificial intelligence on board, DiCE SMART becomes an "aggregator" of signals from the surrounding environment and transforms them into signals that everyone can interpret. DiCE SMART's innovative use of light and colors allowed DiCEworld to be awarded among the 10 best Human Interface companies of the year at CES 2020 for its unique and exclusive user experience. It also received the official compliments of the Minister for Technological Innovation who indicated DiCE as the solution for the 4.0 family.

DiCE SMART does not compete with other smart devices but is complementary. Unlike smart speakers, it doesn't have a microphone; it can instead be controlled through a universal and intuitive language, without necessarily having to interrogate the device itself. DiCE SMART is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice commands thanks to our skill and can therefore coexist with Amazon Echo devices.

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